Christmas is a most-awaited day for Yes8sg customers

 A trusted online casino Singapore is all set to launch its giveaway campaign

Singapore: December 2019, Yes8sg is a legal online casino Singapore who is going to hold a giveaway campaign on the day of Christmas. They will not host the event alone as their partner Chelsea football club is also a part of the event. This event will be a lucky program for the winners. The qualified members will be the ones with successful deposits at Yes8sg. Jersey with the Chelsea logo is going to reward the winners.

The campaign will be started by the ambassadors signed by this best online casino. There will be three ambassadors. These three belong to the different fields that are popular on Instagram. Their Instagram popularity has made them this bright opportunity to work with the top online betting Singapore casino.

Giveaway campaign’s highlights are as follows:

  • The qualified members get a lucky chance to win jersey on that day
  • 3 key opinion leaders will cover the event
  • They will be posting a video on their Instagram profiles about the event
  • All of them have reference ID given by the yes8sg
  • Their reference ID will be used to share jerseys to the winners
  • Everything will be covered and shown globally via the digital mediums to broadcast the event
  • Lucky winners will be selected

Yes8sg is planning to celebrate Christmas in a different manner with its loyal customers and partners. Therefore, they have decided to throw away a big celebration moment via this campaign. Celebrating Christmas globally via a giveaway campaign seems to be enormously beneficial. This is an effective marketing strategy of Yes8sg to set their path worldwide. For the first time, they will get huge global attention.

Till now, they have been popular among Singapore only for their reliable and trustful services. But with this campaign, they are going to mark their journey to the global level. Chelsea football club is supporting them equally as they are going to get the benefit as well. On both sides, customers will show further interest in the casino through this event.

To make it worth participating, yes8sg has joined hands with popular faces. These ambassadors’ presence on the event day is going to double the rewards for everyone. It is because they have huge followers on Instagram. Two of them are social media influencer and lots of fans are following them on Instagram.

They are also popular on other social media platforms. As a result, yes8sg is expecting to get a new customer base through them. Lots of followers are following them that mean they will surely watch the event. Indirectly this will benefit yes8sg. Since Chelsea football club has an enormous fan base and all those who have a craze for betting at best online casino will also join the event. This will be a golden opportunity for them as well.

This event or giveaway campaign is a planned marketing strategy of the Yes8sg. Their partners will get a chance to showcase their services to customers of yes8sg through the event. On the other hand, KOLs will further make new followers. These gorgeous ladies are ruling the internet and they will win the heart of fans at giveaway campaign on Christmas Eve.

These ladies will get a unique ID called as reference ID exclusively for the event. Through this ID they will be referring the prizes and jersey to lucky people at the event. Customers who will win the jersey will get in contact by any of one referrer. This will show their reliability in getting their prizes. Moreover, they will get a chance to communicate with the KOLs. Seeing their growing popularity customers will surely want to share their appreciation and experience with Yes8sg.

Whole new experience is everyone set to get on the Christmas day. In every angle, the event is going to do wonders for each participant. More surprises are expected for the participants but the highlight will be the jersey giveaways.

Chelsea football team and Yes8sg both are planning to set new heights in the world of online gambling casino. An event conducted on such a huge platform will surely bring enormous success to both the parties and their associates. Their marketing and promotional campaigns are going to start with huge expectations and continue with great partnerships for years.

They are serving for years with fun and rewarding games. They always bring rewarding activities for their customers to keep them engaged and show their appreciation. Their loyalty to customers is seen from the casino’s popularity.